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ALL-SHINE was founded in 2000 and provides surface restoration services in Florida. With our high-quality specialty swirl-free polishing system, we will come to your location and restore the surface of your Cars, Boats, RV’s, or Yachts.

​Since the introduction of our own polishing process and product line. ALL-SHINE currently specializes in paint correction and gel coat restoration. Check out the galleries to see some of the impressive results. 

Did You Know?

Once our process is complete

  1. Maintenance is simple and fast
  2. Reduces labor
  3. Surface stays cleaner longer
  4. No swirl-marks - We leave a perfect finish

We use durable, long-lasting coatings for surface protection

Our Quality Promise

The ALL-SHINE Difference


It's our guarantee to you. Not only will you see a difference, but you won't be happier with any other company. We've been in the business since 2000, and that's given us a chance to make sure that our quality is up to a standard that others just can't compete with. Which also means that it's a quality you'll not only see, but you'll appreciate it. The decision is clear, and we're here to help you keep your investment looking the way it's supposed to.


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